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Elevate your online presence with Connex Tech, your local experts in web design and development in Tauranga. We offer custom solutions to enhance your website's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Discover our innovative, results-driven approach to digital transformation today.

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about us
about us

About us

Bring Vision to Life

We do not only build websites or digital tools. We build strategies that make a measurable impact. Our vision drives us to work with a customer-centric mindset; leveraging our 15+ years in software engineering, we deliver innovative digital solutions to help business growth.

15 Years +

Industry Experience


Process that Moves Things Forward



We work together to fully understand your requirement, goals, and vision


Prototyping & Design

A visualized prototype to show you how the system work, The final design of your project. You know how it look like before it goes into development



Build the system with cutting-edge technology(Next.js, React.js, Node.js, C++...)


Support and Grow

Ongoing server hosting and technical support. Grow with our digital marketing expert

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